Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween festivities

There was much debate among parents around campus here (and much debate in my head) about how/where to celebrate Halloween here. In a rural area like this, going door-to-door is completely unreasonable. The church we've been attending here wasn't doing anything, and I could hardly find details about any other events. A lot of families with older kids drive half an hour through the mountains to trick-or-treat in downtown Highlands, NC, but it was far away and at night. I finally managed to get some details about Hay Day put on by the Rabun County Chamber of Commerce and we went with that - we especially liked that it was on Saturday morning. Some of the games were a little beyond her, but it was fun; she liked wandering around and seeing all the costumes. All that said, here's some pics.

She was not about to put her hand in the "boiling" cauldron, even if it was for a prize. Daddy did it for her.
Bowling for a prize at the McDonald's booth. (They were super generous with the gifts - coupon for free coffee for grown-ups and a whole bucket of candy and prizes for the kids. Cadie got a my little pony that she loves.)

Taking a break to eat some raisins in front of the department store. Note the deer hunting rifle behind her. Yep.
Also a big hit - the train table play set at a favorite bakery/coffee shop where we stopped for lunch.
Maybe she'll grow up to be a ballerina/train conductor?


Anonymous said...

What a wondeful way to have a fun family day! I'm with our little miss--I would not have put my hand in the "boiling" cauldron either. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a fun day. Loved all the pictures, which I am about to save. Thank you for all the pictures and details of your 2nd Halloween with our little ballerina. I loved it all!!