Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainbow Activities

We're starting to get a bit more theme-y around here with my "projects" for Cadence. As my friend Susie pointed out last weekend, I'm doing preschool with her - meaning, since I'm home with her as her primary teacher, I'm preschool. I miss planning my themed storytimes anyway, so this is good for her and for me.

Storytime at the public library here was about rainbows this week, and since we talk about colors so much these days, rainbows were a nice theme for this week. We read A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman.
We did a little rainbow scavenger hunt in the playroom - I asked her to find something for each of the colors of the rainbow and she lined them up. Because she's two, she had to include pink in the rainbow colors too.

This face is hilarious, right?

I saw this paint sample rainbow mosaic project at I Can Teach My Child, and we changed it a little, but she loved it and did really well with the glue and matching the colors.

We're still not quite done; we left it out on the table and she keeps coming back to it and will probably finish it this weekend.

Next week: birds!


Anonymous said...

Another fun project and love it that pink had to be added to the rainbow. I always wanted a girl and pink is my favorite color too, so glad she loves it. What could be better??

Anonymous said...

Love that face! You're doing such a great job at home with her! Can't wait to see you all soon!