Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bird Nest Snacks

So, this is our bird theme week.  We have what seems to me to be a very large amount of them in our yard, and Cadence is interested in them.  We've been reading a wonderful non-fiction bird book that my parents gave her for her second birthday.  It's About Birds by Cathryn and John Sill.  It can be very difficult to find non-fiction that is appropriate for young preschoolers, but this one totally is.  Realistic wildlife pictures show a variety of birds doing a variety of bird things, with simple one sentence text for each page. 

Anyway, we've been learning about birds' nests from that book, and I saw a great idea (here) for bird nest snacks and had to do it.  I didn't have marshmallows so I winged the recipe a little - threw in some peanut butter instead, but it's the classic chinese noodle butterscotch haystack recipe.  And we could have put peeps in the nests for the birds, but they freak me out a little bit, so we just did jelly bean eggs.

 Cadence is becoming quite the helper in the kitchen.  She poured rice krispies and stirred the butterscotch chips and placed the "eggs", then helped clean up while we waited for them to cool and harden. 

She totally liked the cookies (me too!).  Our other bird activities include reading Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems and dancing to the song Birds by Hap Palmer.


Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

So fun!! Glad that you both were able to enjoy them! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Our little helper looks very interesed in what she is doing. She is becoming a BIG helper these days. I love the look on her face.
You do the most fun things with her.

Anonymous said...

This is so great! Everytime I read these kinds of posts I think of my mom. She is a preschool teacher and she was always preparing lessons, playdough and snacks at our house. :) I'll have to ask Cadence about all she is learning and making when you all are here!

Mo said...

Chrissy, my mom taught preschool too. And while I did tons of preschool stuff during my library career, I never could have attempted these in-depth projects during a packed storytime. Can't wait to see you!