Monday, April 11, 2011

End of Spring Break

Yesterday was the last day of Matt's spring break and it was bittersweet. We returned from Florida with a sick girl and Matt came down with it yesterday too, so he'll be home today but spending all his time in bed. He also spent all day yesterday working on our taxes which was extremely stressful as at one point it appeared we were going to owe close to $4000 (which made no sense as both of us were unemployed for at least 3 months last year). Anyway, the tax thing turned out fine.

What was fun was checking out how my little container garden was growing.  Have I mentioned we are moving again?  At the end of June, probably, we'll be packing up and heading down the road to...the next house, just on the other side of the cow pasture.  We'll be getting two bathrooms and a garage.  It's been gutted and is in the process of being totally renovated.  So, though I am desperate to grow us some veggies, I didn't want to put anything in the ground here. 




tulip?  this was already in the yard

While Matt was taxing it up and guzzling Emergen-C and I was coaxing Cadence to drink some juice I found time to make totally homemade pizza and it was yum!  I used the recipe for the dough here, and topped it with ricotta, leftover spaghetti sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni.  We like our pizza crust pretty flat so this was a bit bready for us. Next time, I'll freeze some of the dough and make a thinner crust.


Anonymous said...

Hope they feel better soon! Love the bucket garden!

Anonymous said...

Your vegetables are doing great! I need to start some. Hope Matt and Cadence are feeling a bit better. Take care of yourself.

Love, Mom

Lydia said...

love the buckets! Chris just built me a veggie garden, and I'm jumping in with no plan whatsoever. Have you had success in the past with containers?

Anonymous said...

We sure enjoyed you guys, so sorry Matt and Cadie are sick. I hope it didn't damper all the fun we had while you were here. Cadie is a joy.