Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Name Game, Part 2: Coming Soon!

You longtime blog readers will remember the name game we played back in 2008 before Cadence was born.  We provided wrods to unscramble for a letter from her name to be revealed each week.  We're doing it again, though this time it will be trivia questions instead of scrambled words.  We settled on the questions (generally very easy) today so we'll start soon.


Lydia said...

so you've picked a name. Yay! I will call you soon re: dinner. I think it's still on as far as I know. Love you!

Jennifer said...

Yes, this means you've picked a name! Looking forward to playing along again!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get started!


Shaun and Anna said...

Yippee! Excited to play along again!

Anonymous said...

I am not very good at Trivia questions, I may need help on that.
Ready to get started though!