Friday, March 23, 2012

Cadence is 3.5!

Right now, Cadence has three phrases she says A LOT.  The first is "Hey, guys..." always followed by some sort of instruction or something for her listeners to do.  It's really funny when she tries this on her little buddies because they don't usually cooperate with whatever she's trying to get them on board with. 

The second is "Actually..." usually followed by her letting her listener know that whatever they just said, especially if it was a request from me to do something, is just not right.  Not always my favorite thing.

The third is "Speaking of..." I don't know where she picked this up.  But she really does use it to continue/direct the conversation. 

Also, interestingly, she has started calling me "Ma-maw" prounouced like she's British.  I promise I haven't been letting her watch Downton Abbey.  ;)


Anonymous said...

This post especially made me smile since we heard her say all of those phrases during our visit! She is such a fun little girl. It is clear that you and Matt have created a home full of love (and laughter). :)

Anonymous said...

Our precious little Princess!! I can't get enough of the darling things this child does and says!!
Wow! What a blessing she is to our lives. Pease give her a BIG hug for her 3.5 Birthday because her DASSA loves her VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing young lady! What a joy--we are so blessed.
Love, Mom