Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garden Update

The garden is looking pretty good, y'all.  Weirdly, one of the raised beds Matt built for me is performing much better than the other, but I think it's what I'm trying to grow in the second bed, and it's just not filling out as quickly.  I've had some trouble with weeds popping up - from our free soil - but hey, it was free. 

This is the one that's doing really well.

Lettuce!  I've been harvesting some every day this week to put on my sandwich or make a little salad.

Spinach!  And peas next to it!

On a whim at Wal-mart last week, we got a strawberry plant.  So far it seems happy, and there's several little white strawberries growing.

This is my low-budget seed starting operation.  I've got my tomato, peppers, and some other stuff starting here.  In old frozen dinner containers.  I couldn't see why I should pay for anything else to start them in if I'm just going to move them, but I guess we'll see how they do with this method.

I'm a really lazy gardener, but I'm having so much fun with this!


Anonymous said...

I think you are a very busy gardener! So enjoy the raised beds! Also think the recycled seed starters are great!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Gardens are allot of fun, we are enjoying our Spring Garden too. Good lessons for our Lady bug on how things grow. It all looks good to me, fertilize, water and enjoy.