Friday, April 27, 2012

Deal of the Week: Tricycle

Matt's mom is here, and this is really her deal.  Cadence has had our nephew's old tricycle for a couple years now and is still too short to ride it.  It's nice and metal and classic-looking, but it was also big and she just couldn't ride it.  She and I had talked briefly about getting her a new one, especially since she has seen her friends riding theirs, but when I looked around even the plastic ones were around $45.  I just wasn't willing to spend that much.

Well, when Dassa arrived, Cadence asked her to get her a new tricycle.  (We're just going to skip over the implications of my kid ALREADY working her grandma for stuff.)  I pretty much said no, because of the prices I had seen.  But we looked at Walmart yesterday and this one was on clearance for $13!  That, I could agree to.  (And it didn't have princesses or Dora on it.  Ahhhhh.)

I bought her a Hello Kitty Helmet (also on clearance for $9.50).  She's already cruising in style.

Oh, and btw, I put the trike together by myself.  


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful deal and I think it is great that you put it together by yourself!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

The way all of this came together, I am convinced it was ment to be! God is good and we were all Blessed. Seeing the joy on that little face was priceless!!