Saturday, September 15, 2012

County Fair

Friday we went to the county fair.  This was your typical rural county fair, I think.  No rides, lots of livestock.  Here's the photo highlight reel...

Dressed appropriately in cowgirl boots. Piper's were pink.
Want to cheer up every oldtimer at the fair?  Put a baby in pink cowboy boots.

Giant shopping cart.  Support NC agriculture, y'all.

Petting a sheep,

Piper contemplates the pigs. 

Oink, oink.

Cadence said the goats were her favorite.

Piper liked the goats too.  Their ears were soft.


Racecar.  On display from the local arcade.

I don't know why that pumpkin has a blue ribbon that says "church", but this is the Bible belt.

Cadence spontaneously felt the need to hug this giant pumpkin.

She looks good driving a tractor, huh?

So apparently there are people who collect vintage tractors, like vintage cars.  Who knew?
Cadence loved the fair - she asked to go back today, but I told her we could come back next year.  Piper is usually happy anywhere there's lots of people and things to see.  Wait, she was not a fan of the chickens.  I think their squawking scared her.    I got to eat kettle corn and admission was free, so I was pleased with the whole outing.  


Anonymous said...

No wonder our big girl wanted to go back again the next day--it looks like so much fun for you all. (except maybe the chickens!). Thanks for sharing the pictures and your great commentary! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures of our little country girls. What a fun day you all had.
Papa and Dassa

Anonymous said...

These pics are hilarious.....adorable little angelic girls....Cadence is priceles in her "country" outfit!

love and miss you all, aunt pami