Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Theme of the Month: Fall Farm Fun

Now that Cadence is going to preschool two mornings, plus dance class on Mondays, and storytime and sometimes playgroup each week, we don't have as much time at home to do our "theme of the week" activities.  Cadence has adjusted to this schedule very well, but it's taken me some time to figure out how things were going to go.  Anyway, we're going to theme of the month now, instead of theme of the week.  I almost always have more activities for each theme than we get to do anyway.  This month: Fall Farm Fun!


Fall Mixed Up by Raczka

Punk Farm by Krosoczka

And if we can find them at our library: Big Chickens by Helakoski, Moo Who? By Palatini, and One Cow Moo Moo! by Bennett (a great participation story)

Music: Sing "Old McDonald Had A Farm" to Piper

Fingerplays: Five Little Farmers and some other farm fingerplays

Art Project: melted crayon stained glass apples and pumpkins (using this method from The Artful Parent)

Field Trips: Visit the farm animals at the county fair (done! we had a great time last Friday!), go apple picking at a local farm (also done!  more pics coming soon!)

Letter Recognition: Practice "spelling" fall and farm words like pig, cow, leaf, farm, barn, etc.  When we do this, I write the words in large, clear letters on a scrap paper and then she uses the letters from her foam alphabet puzzle to match the ones I wrote.  Since this is a more academic activitiy, we usually do a few and then move on when she is ready to do something else - no pressure.

Watch: Barney: Let's Go to the Farm 

Extras: Some printables from here, or here, or here

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Anonymous said...

I want to come and do these fun activities with you all! Glad you can keep up the themes with everything else going on. Have fun! Love, Mom