Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rainbow art

Cadence is really into seasonal decorations.  When we put away our Valentine's things a few weeks ago she was pretty disappointed that we didn't have much of anything to put out since I wouldn't let her put out the Easter stuff yet.  So we made a St. Patrick's Day-ish art project.

I had in mind a little project with gluing torn and wadded up tissue paper onto a piece of paper that evolved into a rainbow and a pot of gold.  And a flower.  And clouds.

I save tissue paper from gifts so we had all the colors of the rainbow.  (Although the orange is kind of peachy-pink.)

Cadence enjoyed writing the colors of the rainbow as I told her the letters.


Joyce said...

Excellent art/learning activity! Love those sweet little hands.
Love, Mom

Dassa said...

Another fun and pretty project. Love all the colors and the fact that she wrote them!
Miss that sweet girl.