Saturday, March 09, 2013

Spring Break

We're halfway done with Matt's spring break.  He spent the first half on a school trip to London.  The girls and I took a whirlwind (I describe all of our trips as whirlwind, I think) trip to Virginia with my mom to visit my grandparents and aunts and uncles up there.  It was a nice visit, lots of relaxing and chatting.  And eating.  We drove through snow on the way there and the way back and that was pretty.  

In other news, Piper decided she wanted to start walking 2 days ago.  Finally.  There's no stopping her now.  (Or telling her which way to go either.  Yikes.)  Cadence got her first mani/pedi with Aunt Pami at the salon and she now has bright pink fingers and toes.  

Now that we're all home, we're all looking forward to some quality time together.  And I have grand plans to read a book I haven't started and reorganize a couple of closets and the laundry room.  And plant the first veggies in the garden.  We'll see how much is really done by the end of the week, huh?


Joyce said...

Whirlwind? Yes, I guess so. It probably would have helped if we could have stayed and not tried to out run the snow!
But it still was a great trip. Nana and Dado have expressed happiness in having time with you and the girls.
Maybe the next trip can be more leisurely--at least a week.
Love, Mom

Dassa said...

Glad everyone is home safely. Going away is fun but coming home is even better. Glad everyone had a good time.
Love you all,