Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I still make things: Ruffled Kindle Case

The snow day today gave me the perfect opportunity to finish a little sewing project.  I used some of my Christmas money to buy myself a Kindle Fire a couple weeks ago when they were on sale for $30 off.  I didn't want to buy a cover when I plan on mainly using it at home, and when I just knew there were be a good tutorial somewhere in the blogosphere to sew one myself.  And, I was right.  I loved the look of the ruffled kindle case tutorial from Just Another Hang Up.  

I had all the materials except for fusible fleece.  So in five minute increments ('cause that's how I do projects now) over the past few weeks I've been working on this.  Until today, when work and school were cancelled and I had time!  

The patterned fabric and the button are vintage, which always makes me happy.  And, this was an easy project - the tutorial was great.  I had never worked with fusible fleece before and I enjoyed sewing it and the results.  Makes me want to sew something else ASAP!


Joyce said...

You are amazing, dear daughter! The case is so pretty. How are do you like your Kindle Fire?
Stay safe as you go back to work tomorrow! Love, mom

Dassa said...

Cute case. I love that fabric. You did a great job. I am also curious on how you like your Kindle fire. Wondering what you will be doing with the other Kindle. Good to save for Miss C?

Suzanne said...

So cute! Love the fabric choice! Thanks for linking back to my blog. I appreciate it! - Suzanne