Thursday, January 16, 2014

Theme of the Week: Art

Back in 2012, when Cadence was 3, we used to do "theme of the week" activities to add a little bit of structure to some of our playtime.  (You can view all those old weekly activity plans by clicking here, and then scrolling past this post.) We pretty much stopped right around when she turned 4, as that was also when she started going to preschool and dance class, and we didn't have the same need for that sort of planning for our playtime.  

This week, it turned out that we stumbled into another theme of the week, this time for both Cadence (now 5) and Piper (2).  It started when both girls were home with my mom last Wednesday and they cut pictures from magazines to make a giant collage.  Then, at school, Cadence's teacher shared a bit of the artwork of Norman Rockwell.  Then, we were stuck inside during a heavy rainstorm and had an art party where both girls produced several works of art using different mediums.  

Here's the plan for a week of art activities:

Reading: Fancy Nancy, Aspiring Artist by Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh, The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Creating: a massive collage, a woven sun inspired by this one at Nurture Store, a snow window sticky picture (see pics below), dot marker pictures, sticker pictures, and salted watercolor paintings

Wearing: A beret and an apron, natch

Watching: Blue's Clues: Adventures in Art, Barney: Now I Know my ABCs (the characters have an art show)


Dassa said...

How exciting! Love the hats and aprons and all the sweet pictures and faces. Two creative girls.
Love it all,

Joyce said...