Monday, January 17, 2005

bienvenidos a miami

That's my token espanol in honor of my trip down (way down) south. I took three years of spanish in high school and got A's, so you'd think I would be better at it.

Anyway, my weekend o' South Florida fun started early (I got up at 5:20) on Friday with me and Mommers running - literally running - through the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. I just noticed the website says be there 90 minutes before your flight, but we had checked in online and AirTran said 60 minutes was sufficient. Nuh-uh. At HJIA everyone going on a domestic flight goes through the same security checkpoint. The wait was half an hour. Thankfully (I believe this was some divine intervention), our security line got redirected to international security, and after a sprint up an escalator (with our bags, no less) Mom and I made it on the flight with 4 minutes to spare. But no breakfast and no bathroom.

Things improved as the weekend went on and the Steele girls did what we do best - eat and shop. Aunt Carol met us at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale and eventually we gathered up Aunt Pami and Aunt Linda too. We shopped at Sawgrass Mills, Aventura Mall, Ross, and Main Street Miami Lakes. Tio Juan, cousin Caleb, and his sweet girlfriend Elaine got in on some of the eating action, which included Shorty's BBQ, Cuban food (gracias, Senor!) at Latin American Grill, and a homemade feast of roast, smashed potatoes, green beans, and salad, courtesy of Aunt Carol.

I am blessed with una familia buena.

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