Tuesday, August 02, 2005

First Day of Work!

There I am, going off to work at 6:30 yesterday morning. The long commute is no fun, but that will be cut significantly after the move. I like my job. The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly, and I'm going to really enjoy most of the stuff I get to do.

These first two weeks are pretty much an orientation and getting-the-hang-of-everything period. I'm observing the end of summer reading programming, meeting staff at the branch libraries, and reading through the documentation the previous children's librarian left for me. I'm also cleaning out the files in her - wait - MY office.

Soon I'll start the storytimes and book orders. :-)


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I love the picture. It reminds me of the first day of school pictures that Dad and I would take. Hope all continues to go well this first week! Love, Mom

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...


Mo - Hopefully the link will come through. This is why your job/career is SO IMPORTANT! May God continue to bless you and Matt as he has.

lydiecita said...

Need new house pics!

what are the plans? can i help you move? will you already be moved?

love you! Lydia