Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I win the storytime battle!

Today I was at one of the branch libraries where the kids are rather...well...out of it. They're just not as quick or lively as some of the other children. Last week they just didn't get it. But I felt like a lot of them were actually listening this week. I tried to read really expressively and loudly. We got up and sang a song twice. We read 4 books,which is more than I expected them to make it through.

But then, when it was time to go, they noticed I had other books out on the table that we hadn't read. About half the group was clustered around me, not lining up with their teacher, asking about the books and wanting me to read more! Hopefully, it will always be like this!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah!! Keep going story lady! Love, Mom

Anna said...

Hi there Mo! So glad your job is going well! Reading over this post, just reminds me how much I miss you and the other girls! Hope to get together soon! Love yah!