Thursday, May 24, 2007

Paris, Day 2

We loved breakfast in Paris. On our second day in Paris, we slept in and then had pan au chocolat and cafe au lait on the street. Our first stop was Saint Chapelle. It's right next to this - the Palace of Justice. There was some sort of filming going on here. An actress (playing a lawyer?) was striding out of the gates with fake newspeople trying to interview her. There were film crew people all over the sidewalk while we waited in line.
This is Saint Chapelle.
Ceiling in the lower chapel.
The stained glass was so beautiful, but hard to photograph.

I think our guidebook decribed it as being inside a kaleidoscope. There's these jewel tones everywhere - so magnificent with the sunlight shining in.
Flower Market.
Us in front of the Lourve. Also an amazing place. There was so much to see; it was actually fairly exhausting. Of course, we saw the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and Matt really liked these paintings of monkeys painting. There was a recreation of an opulent royal palace suite and a ton of people.

Later that day, we went to the Montmarte neighborhood. I wanted to check out a supposedly great discount store called Tati, but it wasn't great. We were hot and the streets were crowded, so we browsed a few streets then went back to our hotel near the Lourve.

For dinner, we walked up Avenue Opera to see Harry's Bar, where Gershwin composed "An American in Paris." We ate dinner at a cafe and probably offended the waiter, who became more and more inattentive as the meal went on. People say the French are rude, but that was the only time we felt at all slighted (and we really think we did something to upset him - we're just not exactly sure what).

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Anna said...

It all sounds so romantic! We are headed to Puerto Rico soon to celebrate (late) our 5th...someday, we'll get to Europe!