Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whirlwind Trip to FL, Pic #2

Well, we did more stuff on Monday, like Matt and I went out to a fancy dinner in Orlando for our anniversary while Cadence stayed at the condo with Dassa and Papa. Then on Tuesday we went to Disney Hollywood Studios with our friends Rick and Chrissy and Cadence had a blast playing in the pool with Dassa and Papa. But we don't have pics of that because we forgot the memory card.

Wednesday we went to Vero Beach and stayed at my Aunt Karen and Uncle John's condo. My Grandma lives in Vero too, and on Wednesday night my sweet friend Danielle drove up from West Palm after work to meet Cadie! We all went to church supper together so Grandma could show us off and we could meet some people. Thankfully, Danielle took a picture with her phone that I have copied here.


Anonymous said...

Love the pix of the three gals. Love the running commentary about your Florida trip.


Anonymous said...

I see she still has her Minnie Mouse. She told me "Minnie Mouse Bow like Tadie." I love it.
I miss you guys already. I guess I should send you some pictures of us in the pool. Cadie DID love it.