Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Triple Coupon Day

Exciting day here - Cadence and I are off to Harris Teeter for the last day of triple coupons. Woo.

I really hope that this is the most exciting thing today (well, Cadie also said "nursery rhyme" this morning in reference to one of her books, which was a lot of syllables for a 19 month old - that was exciting). In the past few days, we traveled to Washington state, met a lot of cool people and drank a lot of coffee, Matt got a job offer, and another good job possibility, and Matt got into a car accident and totaled our little car. So, if triple coupons were it for today, that would be good.

[edited to add - I saved over $25 with my coupons and discounts at the store. Otherwise, the most excitement we had was picking up the rental car.]


Shaun and Anna said...

I hope you get some great deals! :-) Praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

For sure this is an exciting time in your lives. Can't wait to see how God's will will unfold for your family.


Anonymous said...

Still praying. So glad Matt wasn't hurt or anyone else for that matter. Missed my sweet baby girl this morning!! Loved being there with her.