Monday, May 31, 2010

Big News: Cadence says "I love you"

Cadence loves this little peg set of toys that used to be Matt's. His mom brought them to our house last time she was here, and they really can keep Cadie busy. To contain all the little pieces, I recently got her to start putting them in her blue beach bucket from her GrandNana (you can see it in the background).

Also recently, she's gotten pretty good with simple sentences. I was hoping "I love you" would be one of the first, but instead it was "I wants it" and "Fix it" and "Cadie do it." Then, Saturday, she put all the bits of the peg set in the bucket and set off from the family room for the front door, calling out "Bye! I love you!" Just like Matt and I say when we leave her!
Her baby came along for the trip to the front door too.


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Anonymous said...

How sweet! Our amazing little granddaughter!
Love, Mom (Nana)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy she likes the peg set. Matt loved them when he was little too. She is talking so well, we are so proud of her. I loved it when she said, "I love you" to me on the phone yesterday.
So precious!!
Love, Dassa