Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back in NC

Cadence and I are back in NC, and I'm back at work. We'll probably be doing the back and forth until mid-October, unless things really start hopping with the house. I think we all feel conflicted about this. I sort of like being at work, seeing people, catching up with friends, going to Target (ahem). Cadie seems fairly happy to be somewhere more familiar, though seriously lacking furniture. It helped her that Nana was here for several days, but Nana has gone back to GA now. Of course we miss Matt, but because we're not there, he's been able to put a lot of attention on planning for the school year and getting things off on the right foot. I am also sorry that we are missing opportunities to make friends in GA.

One of the nice things about coming back to NC last week is that we got to visit with my Grandma, Aunt Karen, and Uncle John (and their dog, Lacey) at my family's mountain cabin. See?

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures at Wabac!