Saturday, August 07, 2010

New house

Well, here we are! Living in an 100 something year old farm house, next to the cow pasture.
Rainey the cat is very happy here, back in the land of his birth. He likes to sleep in the window seat in the living room.
Cadie is enjoying playing with Dassa while Matt and I work on unpacking. She was excited about her new bike and our big front porch (even though the porch is covered in boxes).
We were happy to find that there are a slew of blueberry bushes in the middle of the school campus that are free for the taking. We went picking a couple of days ago and got quite a haul. Cadie and Dassa washed them for me, and I've made a blueberry crisp and blueberry muffins and there's still many more to freeze!
More pictures to come soon!


Anonymous said...

The old farm house is a real beauty -- so spacious on the inside with unbelievable views of the mountains from all windows. Can't wait to see the flowers blooming across the front of the porch.


Anonymous said...

I loved being there this week. The farm house is charming and roomy, you will have it looking prettier than a doll house soon. Papa and I are looking forward to visiting you there with all the waterfalls and beautiful land. Thanks for all the wonderful foods you made while I was there.