Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cadence at the park with Cooper

We had a fun playdate yesterday morning with our buddies Cooper and Anne Marie at the playground.

Cadie and Cooper man the decks.

Cooper is often very protective and big brother-y to Cadie. He's a year older and much taller. Here, he spontaneously took her hand to lead her around the playground.

Cadence has finally learned that slides are fun! She went down this one over and over, all by herself.

Looks to me like she had a great time.


Anonymous said...

What fun! Glad to see she is trying the slide on the left --last week with me she only wanted to do the one on the right!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

She's growing up so fast! :0) Is that the same park we went to during girls weekend? ~Anna

Anonymous said...

What cute kids, especially the girl one!! Glad she is enjoying the slides now. She is getting braver.