Sunday, January 09, 2011

Free stuff that's come in the mail in the last month or so...

In lieu of my deals of the week post, because there's been so little shopping around here lately, I'm just sharing the free stuff that's arrived in our mailbox. This picture is 3 bags of coffee (2 starbucks, 1 seattle's best) and a bag of cat food.

Another huge package arrived on our porch before Christmas. I won a giveaway over at No Time for Flashcards for a Today's Girl doll from Constructive playthings. I chose the Emma doll for Cadie. I thought we would just get the doll, which was awesome (she comes with 3 complete outfits - head to toe), but we also got the Classic Kitchen, an all wood kitchen set sized for an 18 inch doll with a stove/sink, fridge, pot and pan set, and 34 doll-sized pretend foods!

We opened the box and looked at everything, then put it all back. We'll give it to Cadence when she is four - in the mean time, I have to find somewhere to store it! The great news; Cadie's Christmas 2012 is covered!


Anonymous said...

Love all the freebies you got! Yummy Starbucks Coffee!!
So happy about the doll and set you won for our little girl. It is never to early to prepare ahead. 2012 will be a fun Christmas for her.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link for the doll. So cute! It will be fun for our sweetie pie when she's four! Enjoy the other freebies.

Love, Mom