Monday, January 03, 2011

What happens when Cadie doesn't get to interact with another kid for a week

Between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, Cadence spent all her time with adults, and I think she was ready for another playmate.

She found Rainey napping on the guest bed, brought his entire basket of toys, and proceeded to offer him all of them.

He left.

Note: The guest bedroom is actually rather nice and not at all as junky as these pictures make it look while it is housing the Christmas stuff awaiting storage.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this week she'll have some time to be with more cooperative playmates! But I do love the story and pictures.

Yes, your guest room is lovely as is ours when there is not holiday stuff collecting in it. Hopefully ours will be back to normal after the 12th day of Christmas!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Hope she gets to play with some kids soon.

Mo said...

Yes, she got to play with other kids on New Years Eve, at church on Sunday, and at playgroup yesterday.