Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Mountains House!

Mountains House!  We live in the mountains, and arguably have better mountain views from our house here than at my family's cabin, but it's different to get away like we did this weekend.  We headed out on Friday to the rustic but charming and very peaceful house my grandfather built before I was born.  And, some buddies from High Point met us there.  We ate really well at local restaurants and played Monopoly Deal (we are slowly making all our friends and family play this game with us - it's so fun and quick) and didn't turn on the TV all weekend.


We took the kiddos to play in the creek.  Cooper, being 3 and a boy, jumped in and started digging in the mud with no hesitation.

Cadence, being 2, generally fussy about gettting dirty and a girl, stood in the water like this.  See her little fingers splayed like "what is this business, people?  you are making me nervous!"  And this was after her pestering us for 2 days to play in the creek!

Then she got out of the water and stood in the woods like this!  Next time we're not going to hike as much and just go straight to the creek - maybe she'll be more into it.  The really fun part for her was getting to play with her friend Cooper.

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Our sweet girly girl!! I know she was glad to see Cooper. Glad you had a fun time with your friends and got to get away.