Saturday, June 25, 2011

"That was fun - having an adventure."

I was telling another mom the other day that even though Cadence and I have the same amount of free time to fill in the summer, it feels a little bit harder to keep ourselves entertained.  Even though Matt is home to help keep us entertained.  Maybe because May and the beginning of June were so busy we feel bored now?  I don't know. 

Anyway, we needed an outing that did not involve the grocery store.  Matt had the brilliant idea to visit a waterfall we remembered visiting probably 7 years ago when we lived here before.  We got out our trusty guidebook The Hiking Trails of North Georgia and found the trail.  (It turned out to be a different one than we visited previously, but great.)  The title quote above?  That's what Cadence said when we were done.

The trail we chose was the Rabun Beach trail. 

Almost immediately, you reach this nice little cascade.  We sat on some flat rocks and ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches here.

Most of the trail is nice and wide like this, but there was one spot the trail was washed out and one spot we had to walk through a stream.  All the other stream crossings have little bridges, which Cadence thought was fantastic.

After walking half a mile, we reached Panther Falls. 

Note our excitement.

It's really pretty.  About a 40 foot cascade over these stair step-y rocks.

 There's lots of flat rocks to sit on and put your feet in the water.  If we had our swimsuits, we could have really splashed around at the base of the falls.

As you know, Cadie is squeamish about getting dirty and trying new things, but she LOVED putting her feet in the water and finding rocks to throw down the little falls below the big one.

It started raining pretty good as we were leaving so our walk back to the car was very wet.  We were so proud of how well Cadie hiked, even though her feet got really muddy.  We *think* we're going to try to visit a waterfall every week this summer when we are in town.  Should be fun.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! Hope you all are doing well! Praying for you as baby girl #2's birthday is coming so soon!

Anonymous said...

That is the trail and falls Dad and I did after picking up the green van in Sept. It is hard in the washed out spot but worth it. Love the idea of visiting new falls each week this summer. Enjoy! And yea! to C for doing well on the "adventure." Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! LOVE The pictures! Keep this one on the list for when Papa and I come sometime. We would love to see it and take C-bug on another "adventure". She says the cutest things.
Papa and Dassa