Saturday, August 20, 2011

Butterfly Crayons

Someone has a birthday coming up in this house real soon and it's not the baby girl who will actually be birthed from my belly.  Cadie has been talking about how she's going to have a butterfly birthday party for months.  Realizing I will have a newborn quite literally on my hands when party day comes, I'm trying to do some planning now.  So, on Wednesday, we made butterfly crayons to give to her friends as party favors.  Super easy - peel and break crayons (we started off using the broken ones we found), arrange in molds, bake at 300-ish for 10-15 minutes-ish.

I did most of the peeling and breaking of the crayons, she arranged them (with my guidance).  We have way more crayons than a household our size could ever need, and I always take them from any restaurant that gives them to us with the kids' menu.

I was inspired by this post from twelve crafts till christmas.  Plus, I remember doing something similar in muffin tins with my mom when I was kid.  I ordered a little silicone butterfly ice cube tray from Amazon about a month ago.  It was $5, I think.

We did two batches, so now we have 20 crayons to give away and we might do more, because it was fun!  In this picture, I think Cadie had already absconded with 2.


Anonymous said...

Waht a fun project and perfect for her party!!
She is so darling in these pictures. She looks so happy with her new crayons she made.

Anonymous said...

Very creative and pretty party favor!


Anonymous said...

Looked at site and LOVED the crayon ornaments too! What a fun thing at Christmas for kids.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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