Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tomato Pie

We were given some very ripe tomatoes last week, so I made tomato pie. (Because there was a pie crust in my freezer.  And cheese in the fridge.) I did a mash-up of a recipe I pulled out of a Better Homes and Gardens mag last year and creative little daisy's recipe here.  As I said, the tomatoes were very ripe, so it was hard to get them to not be too juicy.  The crust was a bit less than crusty in spots.

More importantly, why has no one told me about this before? Or served it to me? I've been living in the southeast my entire life, people. Shouldn't I have eaten this at some point?  My feeling is, a recipe that contains pie crust, tomatoes, cheese, and mayo must be a blessing from heaven. 

No one else in this house was interested in eating it, so I got the whole thing to myself.  Yum.  (To clarify - I ate it over the course of several days, not in one sitting.)

Also, I'm now craving chicken pie.  Does anyone in High Point want to send me one?


Anonymous said...

They just don't know what they missed. Tomato pie is yummy!


Anonymous said...

Never heard of it before. Glad you enjoyed it.

Shaun and Anna said...

I have never heard of it before, but it does sound heavenly! :0)

Anonymous said...

Ok--since I was the one in charge of feeding you for 18 years--please know that I had never had tomato pie or heard of it until we moved to GA!:) It is delicious! Haven't made one yet since most of our tomatos are going on BLTs! Also just got a recipe for freezer tomato sauce-let me know if you would like it since someone is giving you ripe tomatos which is a lovely gift. Another yummy recipe is Tomato Bread salad! I'm making that this weekend unless baby girl decides to arrive a bit early!

Love, Mom