Friday, November 18, 2011

Achoo! Snot-nosed blues and other tunes

This summer Matt completed an album of 10 original kid songs.  It's a process that started way back in 2006 when I asked him to do some "concerts" for kids at the libraries where I was working.  It's really great and I should have posted about it before now!

It's available for download on Amazon and Itunes.  You can also buy an actual physical cd from Amazon.  Also, you can hear it on Pandora - here's the Matt McGee and Some Lesser Fools station.

The "Lesser Fools" that helped Matt out with this include Benji Morris of Downtown Senate and Turpentine Shine, and Rick and Chrissy DePirro.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!! the CD is played regularly in our car. K loves to hear his Uncle Matt! Great for kids of all ages.