Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween costumes!

Cadence has been saying for weeks that for Halloween she wanted to be a butterfly fairy, zookeeper,and princess, which pretty much covers all her dress up costumes that fit her well right now.  Believe it or not, we had enough events to go to that she got to wear all three! 

The butterfly fairy attended a costume birthday party Saturday before last.

The zookeeper went to the town Halloween event this Saturday.  (But it was really loud and crowded, and honestly a bit creepy - no where near as much fun as last year - it was moved into an old school cafeteria and we left after about 5 minutes.)

The princess went trick or treating on campus yesterday morning, accompanied by a bunny. 

The bunny really wanted to take a nap.  (I knit the hat using this pattern.)

Piper the bunny slept in the carrier while we walked all over campus and Cadie made out like a bandit!

She seems to really enjoy the chocolate.  And she was nice enough to share some with me!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time of dress up fun! Love all of the costumes. The little zookeeper's face looks so much like her mother's when she was 3! And such a sweet spirit to share chocolate--much like her mother's also. Glad the little bunny got to have a nap!

Love to all, Mom

Anonymous said...

How adorable! Cadie looks so cute in all her costumes. Wow! What a Halloween she had getting to go to all those events. And our little bunny is so precious and cute! I couldn't wait to see her costume, thank you for sharing.