Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey Hair Bow Tutorial

Cadence and I made this adorable turkey hair bow during Piper's afternoon nap on Tuesday.  It's really cute with a ponytail.  Want to make one?  Here's how:

We started with a small brown yo-yo.  Here's a great tutorial for yo-yos.  Normally a yo-yo would be more circular, I smushed two sides together and sewed up the middle to make more of an oval shape.

We added two googly eyes.  And from felt scraps I cut two feet, a triangle beak and a waddle.  I used plain old white school glue to attach these to the yo-yo turkey body.

I traced an oval a little smaller than our yo-yo on brown felt.  This is the backing and where you glue the ribbons.  To be able to put in a barrette (as shown) or alligator clip, fold the oval in half longways and make two little snips with your scissors.  That makes the slit for the barrette or clip to slide through.

Cadence dug through the ribbon box and picked out some ribbons I cut into 2.5 to 3 inch lengths. 

Then Cadence occupied herself elsewhere while I hot glued the ribbon ends together.  Then I just arranged the ribbons around the edge of the brown felt and glued them down.

Finally, I glued the yo-yo turkey body on top.  A cute turkey clip done in about half an hour!


Anonymous said...

How cute! She will be beautiful on Turkey day. Give her a hug for her Dassa.

Anonymous said...

That is such a clever hair bow that you and C made. It's darling and so is she!
Love, Mom