Friday, January 13, 2012

Easy t-shirt headband

Piper can totally rock a headband. She got a set of cute clippy hairbows for Christmas, but she obviously doesn't have enough hair for them yet, so I made a little t-shirt headband to clip them to.  (I sort of mashed-up directions from here and here.)

It was easy and quick but still took me about a week to finish because it's hard to find a decent chunk of time (like oh, 5 minutes!) to work on something that's not essential to our household functioning. 
The steps:
*cut a 2 inch by 16 inch piece from an old white tee
*sew up the long side, turn inside out to make a tube
*insert one end inside the other and zig zag over to make headband
* cut a small rectangle and hold around headband, sew together then turn inside out to make the little loop to clip the bow on
*position that little loop over the seam on the headband so it looks nice and pretty!

Serious baby.


Anonymous said...

Oh!! How Beautiful she is in her new headband. So glad you could find a way to use the bows.

Anonymous said...

Crafty Mama.
Cute baby.

Love, Dadder

Anonymous said...

So serious--but oh so cute!
Love, Mom