Saturday, January 28, 2012

Theme of the Week: Ballet and Dance

Oh my goodness is Cadence ever interested in ballet.  We decided she can start taking ballet classes next fall when she turns 4, and she talks about it ALL THE TIME.  What she'll wear, how she'll learn the "hard moves", the new kids she'll meet...She also loves to wear her tutus and leotards around the house. 

So this past week our theme was ballet and dance.  Here's some of our activities:

Reading: Dogs Don't Do Ballet by Anna Kemp, Dancing Class by Ziefert, Watch me Dance by Andrea Davis Pinkney, Color Dance by Ann Jonas

Letter Awareness: B for Ballet

Art Project: Decorate a letter B with pink tissue paper to look like a tutu

Crafting: Help Mama make a tutu for Piper?  Maybe...

Watch: Sesame Street: Zoe's Dance Moves (from Netflix) and Barney's Dance with Me

Extras: Learn Fingerplay- Tommy Thumbs (he goes "dancing all around the town")


Anonymous said...

I can picture the little ballerina in all those tutus we brought from Julie.

Love, Dadder

Anonymous said...

This is so dear! And what a joy to me; my FIRST girl and all that goes with it!! You can also get "Dancing Princesses" from Netflix; it is Barbi but not a Barbi type movie. One of my students loved these and had me watch them, they are really sweet, nothing scary. Check them out. Hugs to our little Ballerina and baby sister too. Love, Dassa

Anonymous said...

Acuatly the name is "Barbi & the 12 Dancing Princesses". If you google it you can watch a clipping.
I would LOVE to watch this with her sometime.