Tuesday, January 03, 2012



(Thanks, Papa!)

(Knit by me, from this pattern, with some alterations)

In this new year, I'm also experimenting with a more purposeful to do list and goal system.  I've been working on setting goals for the next few months instead of just randomly deciding something needed to get done.  Then, each morning, I've been making a realistic list of tasks to accomplish, since so much of my time is spent feeding children, reading books to children, changing diapers, etc.  It's working well!  


Anonymous said...

Snow! How wonderful--tis the season for long johns! Wonderful new things--like your realistic list idea. Sounds like it is working.
Love and miss you,

Anonymous said...

Snow!! At your house!! Oh,we just missed it! Love your cowl, cute picture and you are very organized; love your new ideas.
Papa says, "you are welcome on swing set, glad he could do it."
Much love,
Papa and Dassa

skattles said...

Love the cowl - so cute! Nice job, Maureen!

Anonymous said...

So sorry Dassa and Papa missed the snow. It's been COLD in Georgia these past few days. Love the new swingset Papa built. The girls will enjoy it for years to come.

Love, Dadder