Monday, September 03, 2012

First Day (Double Ice Cream Birthday Party!)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! So glad we could be there for the celebration.
Love, Mom

Nicole said...

Their outfits are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Love their outfits! Did you make those?

Anonymous said...

It was another wonderful party for the girls. They looked adorable in their outfits and all the cup cake ice creams were delicious. So glad we all could be there -- all 4 grandparents being there is a special blessing!! They are loved!
Dassa and Papa

Mo said...

I did make the outfits! A little tutorial post (hopefully with a template for the ice cream cone applique) is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks like 1 year old Piper Lee, along with her big sis enjoyed the ice cream theme party -- TOO CUTE; I also love the ice cream outfits...I'm guessing Dassa made those...precious.

Happy to finally catch up for a minute anyway....on your life and precious, they are THE CUTEST!!!

love you all, aunt pami & uncle rick
p.s. can't wait to see you all soon!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Maureen Lee -- I gave the credit to Dassa.....I KNOW you have MANY talents...but, didn't know you could do, those outfits are adorable!!!!

love, aunt pami