Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Garden Update

There's still some things going in my garden!  I'm pretty pleased with how things went with the garden this year.  Here's the update (and notes for things I need to remember next year):

I bought 3 strawberry plants this year and they took over an entire raised bed.  From what I understand we will have lots of strawberries next year; we only got a few this year.  

These are my banana peppers, still oddly going strong, though the nights are very cool.  I've been picking these to chop and freeze for cooking with this winter.

These are my nasturiums, which have gone crazy!  They are exploding out of the raised bed on the side of the stairs.  I grew these because the flowers are edible, but we really haven't eaten any.  We'll definitely grow these again next year.

And here's the lettuce, my second batch.  It's doing very well, like the lettuce did earlier this year too.  My spinach did not make it for this second planting, which is strange because it did so well this spring.

This picture was taken back at the end of August when I pulled out the last of the tomato bushes.  As I've said before, these really exploded, growing way out of the raised bed.  While the growth was exponential, the amount of tomatoes I got to harvest was less so.  We ate several, and I made a couple batches of tomato sauce, and pizza sauce, but for some reason a lot of the tomatoes didn't ripen well, or rotted quickly, even though I was checking them every day.

I was disappointed that I didn't get any pumpkins, but I'll try again next year.  I don't have a picture, but our zinnias have been pretty too, so we'll plant them next year as well.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely have good success with your gardening. How smart to blog and photograph to keep your notes for next year. You may need to try some different kinds of tomatoes.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Your garden did very well. There is nothing like fresh picked food from your own garden. Our pumpkins did not do well either, don't know why. I am going to plant strawberries, hope they do as well as yours.
Enjoy! Love, Dassa