Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Today I realized that Halloween is not all that different from the other days around here.  Do you know how much we are in costume in this house?  A LOT.  It's just around Halloween there's some extra candy involved.  I tried to take some pictures of our "Halloween" costumes before we headed to a pumpkin themed storytime at the library today...

I think Piper is blurry in every single one of these pics.

Piper is a ladybug and Cadence is Ariel the mermaid.

Piper was going to be a pumpkin but the pumpkin costume I had was too big for her, so she's wearing the same costume Cadence wore when she was her age.  Side by side picture comparison post coming soon.

Cadence had been saying for awhile that she wanted to be a mermaid and I was planning to sew her a mermaid tail, but then we saw this costume at a consignment store and I thought it was worth it to just save myself the trouble.

Piper has mastered going up and coming down our stairs,so there was no way she was passing up an opportunity to climb while the baby gate was down!

She also wanted to show you that this is her nose.

When Aunt Pami was here, she very sweetly bought Cadence an Ariel crown and wand at the Walmart. Completes the look, no?  (Interestingly, Cadence still has not seen the movie The Little Mermaid.  I'm kinda hoping we can hold off on that for a few years.)

Cadence will be trick or treating tonight around our little school community with Daddy and Piper and I will be home handing out candy.  Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The little Mermaid costume is great, glad you found one; saved you alot of time and work, though you would have done a great job I am sure. Piper looks adorable too in her Lady bug costume! They are the cutest two little girls in the world to their Dassa and Papa!! Glad you all had fun! Memories!! So sweet!!