Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our two little ladybugs!

Piper at a costume birthday party this past weekend (October 2012).

Cadence preparing to go to trunk or treat at our church (October 2009).

Here's what I see: Piper has a lot less hair than Cadence did; more photographic evidence that it's easier to get Piper to smile for pictures; and now I have the sense not to take pictures in the middle of our messy bedroom.  Ahem.  Also, that little booboo on Cadence's forehead reminds me that she was walking at 12 months, and Piper, at 14 months, still doesn't seem too interested in going vertical when it's so much faster to crawl.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but they still look very much like sisters! Piper will figure it out, she is just ready to GO-GO and she doesn't mind it being on her knees. These pictures will be so dear to them when they are older. Glad you saved the Lady bug costume! Love ALL the pictures. Thanks,
Papa and Dassa

Anonymous said...

So cute! Interesting observations--they are definitely their own little people. Miss P has had the crawling down to a science since the first tummy scoot. So glad you shared.
Love, Mom