Wednesday, February 27, 2013

18 months

Piper is 18 months old today!  

And still. not. walking.


Her record is 7 independent steps.  And she'll walk quite a long way with no problem if she can hold on to just one of my fingers.  But if I let go - she's usually done and just sits down.  

Still, any day now, right?

She's a happy girl.  I took these pictures at breakfast today, which is probably her happiest time of day.  Food!

I heard Cadence say this to her the other day, "Piper, it's your favorite!"

True.  I think her favorite food is bananas, but she also likes pretty much everything else.  She's not always sure about meat, but if she can dip it in something, she's good.

Piper has some other faves too.

Favorite Books: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle and Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton (she calls that one "la la" when she asks to read it)

Favorite Dance Move (during our pretty much daily dance parties): either crawling very quickly in a circle, or standing up and doing a cross between a plie and a squat

Favorite Shoes: Cadence just picked out some bright blue sequined mary janes for her from the clearance shelf at Target a few weeks ago and Piper loves them.  She always pulls them out from her shoe basket and I have to keep putting different shoes on her instead.

Favorite Accessory: it used to be hats - she'd find them and put them on all the time.  Now it's those long strings of cheap beads.  We acquired quite a few after a Fancy Nancy party we went to at the library and she's been stashing them around the house so she always seems to be wearing one.  Or five.

Favorite Word: It used to be "no", but now I think it's "yeah" with a very deliberate head nod.

Matt says she has my eyes.  I say she has his eyebrows (I'll be introducing her to the tweezer earlier than either of us would like, I'm afraid.)  She has my appetite and his laidback personality and hopefully, my curls.  She adores her big sis.  

And we all adore her.


Joyce said...

So precious! Your comments made me laugh and get teary! She is adorable! Love to all, Mom

Dassa said...

OH! Happy 1 1/2 years to our sweet, sweet, happy baby girl. She is such a joy! I love the way you write these things up on their special days! Yes, she has your eyes and curls and her Daddy's blonde hair and personality. He was alwasy happy and I love that about our precious girl. Can't wait to see those blue sparkle shoes! Much Love,Dassa