Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage fabric cowl

Back in October, I shared about my cardigan addiction.  I'm afraid I have another potential addiction to report.  Cowls.  Or Infinity scarves.  Whatever you want to call them.  I did a quick count and I have at least 8 cowl patterns pinned to my sewing pinterest board. And 25 cowl knitting patterns I have saved in my ravelry favorites.  I've knit 3 (two this year that I'll post pics and notes about soon) and sewed up this one on Saturday.

In a previous life time, I worked in the children's room in a big downtown library.  One Saturday during my lunch break I wandered into a fun vintage store that was getting ready to move and everything that was left was a disaster and on super sale.  I walked out with a big bag of vintage fabric for $5.  This fabric was from a 1970s drapery panel.  With the big gray flowers and purple leaves, I imagine it was in an older girl or teen bedroom.  I don't know, though, it was the 70s, maybe it was in someone's dining room.  I had to cut off the gathered part at the top for the drapery hooks and the lining.  I also had to cut off some damaged pieces.

the before
the after

Anyway, I wouldn't hang these drapes in my house, but I'm happy to wear giant flowers around my neck!

I read through a couple of tutorials from the aforementioned pinterest sewing board but most closely followed this one at H is for Handmade.  Basically you make a big rectangle and then sew the ends together.  

I made it just long enough to go around my neck twice and wore it with a beige top and dark purple (eggplant?) jeans on a very belated Valentine's Day date with my husband.  


Joyce said...

Your dad commented about how creative you are and I agree! It is beautiful. I need to find some fabric and pay you to make me several. Glad you all got to go on a belated Valentine date. See you soon.
Love, Mom

Dassa said...

Very pretty. If you ever get very bored you can make me one! Love it.