Tuesday, October 05, 2004

6:52 p.m.

I just noticed that the ladies' room here in the school library smells like frozen yogurt. I have never encountered an institutional restroom that smells like a food I would now like to eat. Props to the housekeeping staff. I wish we had a TCBY here in northeast Georgia. I think the closest one is an hour away.

Can you tell there's not much going on here? All day I've been looking forward to Gilmore Girls, for the funny, zingy dialogue. I have also been looking forward to the VP debate, although I'm pretty sure that will not include any funny, zingy dialogue. I am pretty sure Edwards will smile and Cheney will glower. Then again, maybe Cheney will smile and Edwards will glower. Should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

From the Ancient Mariner
I judge that the Tuesday debate was basically a draw. And as usual both sides got some of the facts wrong. Friday night may be the night to watch. Bush's handlers will insist he be more aggressive. Unfortunately neither side can state clearly where we go from here. We won a quick relatively cheap first phase but with out any idea how to handly the second phase. In short we are not the world most popular folks