Friday, October 15, 2004

Going to the Dillard House

Very exciting update today. It's about food, which is one of the things in my somewhat monotonous life that I have to look forward to.

Last Friday I got Thai food. This Friday I get SOUTHERN HOME COOKING! Which means - REALLY BAD FOR YOU!

Do I care? No. We're going to the Dillard House to eat (according to their website) :
~Fried Chicken ~Country Ham ~Prime Rib ~BBQ Chicken~Potatoes au Gratin ~Green Beans ~Creamed Corn~Steamed Broccoli ~Glazed Carrots ~Harvard Beets~Ford Hook Lima Beans ~Tomatoes/Onions ~Cole Slaw ~Melon~Yeast Rolls ~Cornbread ~Cobbler a la Mode

YUM! The food is served family style, so you can eat as much as you want. To make it even better, Matt and I are eating with a dozen or so ladies from our church in Florida, so we are guaranteed to have fun.

Tomorrow we'll be fat, but tonight we'll be happy.

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