Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My brand new homemade housewifey apron

I've spent the better part of the last two days working on my first real sewing project. Real meaning I used a pattern (Simplicity 4740). It was supposed to be easy - I don't know that I would call it that because I seemed to have plenty of trouble figuring it out. But it's done now and it is a cute apron.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! Does it have pockets? I'm still amazed that you have the sewing gene--enjoy. Love,Mom

Atouria said...

That's really cute! I bet you feel like you have to have flour on your face and apron to really be suzy homemaker ~ I know I do!
I only have one apron that I received as an early christmas gift last year. I wore that thing with pride as I pretended that I knew what I was doing in the kitchen! I've gotta make me another one for any time of year. :)

lydiecita said...

how cool!! i love it! I started making my first pre- or post- wedding dress last night... i'm not sure how i got it into my head that getting engaged gives me excuses to sew more than usual, but I have sooo much fabric that I now feel justified in putting to good, frilly, girly use!

love you!