Saturday, March 26, 2005

Rainey Boogerhead M----

That's the cat's full name. He is often a boogerhead, so he earned his middle name. Recently, he discovered he was long enough to get on the dining room table and play with the ugly chandelier that came with our apartment. He sort of swings with it while keeping his feet on the table. But when we notice and he starts to get in trouble, he calmly sits down on the table and looks at us like "I certainly don't know why that thing is clanking around." Riiiight.

But his most recent boogerhead exploit was chewing through our DSL power cord. Good thing we left yesterday for our spring break "visit the parents" trip.

More traveling posts to come. Watch for next week's installment (with pictures): "The HolyLand Experience."

1 comment:

Atouria said...

Rainey sounds like an awesome cat! So sweet and innocent (read: curious and mischievious). :) I can't believe your DSL is out! It's lucky that you guys won't have to worry about it for a while. I hope you have a great trip. Be sure to let us know how your AV pullover is going! Craftster minds want to know!