Thursday, May 31, 2012

9 months

My baby is getting so big.  And this girl.  Oh, this girl.  She's so happy.

Jury's still out on what color her eyes are.  What do you think?  Hazel? Green? Gray?  I don't think they are brown.  or blue.

She loves to crawl around now.  LOVES it.  She's fast too, even though she won't lift her belly off the ground.  She usually goes for our shoes. 

I still think bathtime might be her favorite time of day.  She loves crawling so much she does it in the bath too.  She gets to take baths with her sister now, which she also loves.  She pulled up to stand for the first time the other day - in the tub.  Little nut.

She likes this car toy a lot now too.  She sits on it and goes...backward.  That'll change before I know it too.

She enjoys eating very much.  We have yet to discover a food she does not enjoy.  She made our whole table laugh the other night at the dining hall when she got tired of trying to pick up the little bits of carrots on her placemat and just put her mouth right down and sucked them up.

That's my girl.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection of 9 month doings and observations! Precious, precious, precious!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Our little HAPPY girl. It is just such a joy to be around her; always smiling and doing something funny. The "corn bread" restaurant thing she did still makes me laugh.I can't believe she pulled up! Got 2 teeth! And baths with sister!! Oh My! She is growing fast.
We Love this precious joy to our lives! Dassa