Thursday, May 17, 2012

Theme of the Week: Bubbles

Benny's Big Bubble by O'Connor
Pop! A Book About Bubbles by Bradley

Bubble Trouble by Mahy

Art: Make a bubble painting - we poured some bubble solution into two shallow containers and colored them with food coloring, then blew them on paper.  The drips and pops make a pretty picture.  Here's ours.

Science: Use a straw to blow bubbles in water and in milk.  See the differences.

Extra: Make a bubble sensory bowl for Piper (like this one here)


Anonymous said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Looks like great reading and activities for both girls! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow! What fun! I know our lady bug loved these activities and it must have been extra fun making a fun bubble bowl for little sister to play in too and the way little sis loves her bath I know she loved this. Love,