Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yesterday, we made homemade:

Playdough - recipe from here

Granola - using my recipe, which I apparently have not published here.  I will do that soon.

Yogurt - totally easy and waaaaaay cheaper than the vast amounts of store bought yogurt we (read: Cadence) have been consuming! Slow cooker recipe from here, and thanks to my friend Kat for inspiring me to finally do it.


Anonymous said...

Great playdoh recipe; I used this recipe to make playdoh as gifts when the boys were little and for my 3 year old Sunday School class that I taught for over 10 years. Love it and looks like someone else does too! I have been meaning to get the granola recipe from you, so will look forward to that!

Shaun and Anna said...

Did you sweeten your yogurt with anything? This all sounds great!

Mo said...

I didn't sweeten the yogurt with anything, mainly because Piper is eating it too. For her, I stir in pureed fruit. For Cadence and myself, we squirt in some honey, and usually top it with jam or granola. You can put a cup of sugar in the yogurt when making it and I will try that in the future.