Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden Update

Do you see this?  The sugar snap peas are over my head! (Also, I cut my hair.  Well, not me - the stylist lady.  Piper kept grabbing it and it was too easy to just put it in a ponytail everyday.)

We have so much lettuce I've been practically begging our friends and neighbors to come get some.  I definitely feel like our raised bed gardens have been a success.  I've been freezing lots of spinach and some carrots, in addition to all the lettuce and snap peas we've been eating.

I'm not sure how much longer the lettuce will keep growing well.  I don't think it will like the hot weather that is surely coming soon.  I've put in our "warm weather" plants - tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumber, cilantro, and basil.  Hopefully they will do well too.

Up on the north edge of our yard, we have these pretty wild roses growing.  LOTS of them.  It's very cheery.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful. The garden, the flowers and your nice new hair cut.

Anonymous said...

Yes, amazing success with the garden and the beautiful hair cut!
Love, Mom

Shaun and Anna said...

Wowza! That is amazing!!!